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Helabet is a young and hot blood in the betting world, yet the bookmaker has already managed to establish itself as reliable, trusted by more than 400,000 players around the world. As with any business, new customers are always needed. In this regard, Helabet offers an interesting affiliate system where absolutely anyone can become a member. In this article you will learn how the Helabet affiliate program works, how to sign up, what payouts are available and much more.

How the Helabet Affiliate Program works

It's quite simple - you bring new customers to Helabet and the bookmaker pays you. So you get a fixed commission if you work on CPA or a percentage of the money spent by your customer. Read on to find out what these payout systems are and how they differ.

Helabet Affiliate Program
Helabet Affiliate Program

So, the first working scheme is the so-called RevShare - you bring players, players are assigned to you, then you get a certain percentage of the money spent by the player for life. So if your percentage is 35, Helabet will earn 1000 NGN from your players - you will get 350 NGN. This type of payout is more suitable for those who want to build a large player base and then earn passive income from them. If you need to make money here and now, RevShare is definitely not for you. It's worth noting that the percentage is not fixed for life, but can vary depending on the number and quality of players you bring in.

Let's move on. The next type of revenue is CPA (Cost Per Acquisition or Action) - this is a bit more complicated. You bring players who have to perform certain actions, for example, a player has to register, deposit 5000 NGN and place a bet. For each such player you will receive, for example, 10 dollars. Note that all the numbers in this example are synthetic, the real numbers will be completely different.

In theory it sounds quite simple, but since such traffic can be simulated dishonestly, bookmakers usually check the traffic of the affiliate thoroughly before making any payments. Be prepared that your traffic will have to meet the requirements of the bookmaker. Therefore, this way of earning is suitable for those who want to make money here and now and are very confident in the players they bring.

And the last way of working with bookmakers is the hybrid payment type. This means that you will receive fixed payments, both CPA and a percentage of Helabet's revenue. Of course, both the percentage and the payouts will be much lower than if you choose a single strategy. Nevertheless, this method is suitable for those who need money here and now, as well as for those who want to earn in the long term.

As for sources of new players - it can be almost any source, social media, personal blog, various Internet sites and much more, it all depends on your skills and imagination. To start with, you can share your link, even if only with your friends, you can post it on your social networks.

Registration and login in the Helabet affiliate program

So, first of all, go to the Helabet affiliate program website and carefully study the information presented on the site. After you have sorted everything out, find the registration button and click on it.

Helabet Affiliate Program Registration Button
Helabet Affiliate Program Registration Button

You will be redirected to the Helabet affiliate program registration form. Fill in your username (this will be your login), first name, last name, phone number, messenger where you can be contacted and other fields. Please note that payments will be made to the player's account, so you must be registered as a player on the Helabet website. After registration, a manager will contact you within 48 hours to talk through all the terms and details for further partnership.

Helabet Affiliate Registration Form
Helabet Affiliate Registration Form

Here's what you need to know before you sign up:

  • You must be an adult over the age of 18.
  • Your audience must be an adult over the age of 18.
  • You may not damage the reputation of Helabet or lie or falsify information.
  • You may not sign up for and receive bonuses from your own affiliate program.

Why should I choose to join the Helabet Affiliate Program?

Here's how Helabet itself answers this question:

Helabet Affiliate Program Advantages
Helabet Affiliate Program Advantages

Helabet is a really reliable partner, with which a large number of people around the world work and earn money, the managers of the bookmaker try to help their partners in every possible way to solve any problems. From our side we can add the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy registration, you will actually be contacted within 48 hours and your application will be answered.
  • Personal Managers are top-notch specialists who help you understand all the intricacies and nuances of the affiliate program and marketing.
  • Convenient statistics where you can see everything you need to understand how profitable your strategy is.
  • A wide variety of branding materials - images, animations, banners, and more.

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, we can say that Helabet is not only a reliable bookmaker, but also a great partner with whom you can make good money. The bookmaker works cleanly and without cheating, provides all the necessary statistics to its partners and makes honest and fast payments. For all these reasons we recommend you to try the Helabet affiliate program.


No one has contacted me after my registration, what should I do?
On the Helabet Affiliate Program website there is a contact form where you can get in touch with the Helabet administration.
Is it safe to do business with Helabet?
Yes, the bookmaker has all the necessary licenses and permits for such activities.
Do I have to pay anything to become a Helabet affiliate?
No, you don't have to, it's all free.